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Just as food is essential to life, it is also a vital component of great parties. If you’ve organised marquee hire and have the freedom to serve food of your own choosing, Harts Party Hire has a few serving suggestions that are easy, inexpensive and delicious.

Simple and colourful, skewers are a fun and inclusive option. Almost any food can be skewered, so you can’t go too far wrong. Harts Party Hire suggests you spike various combinations of meat, dairy and vegetables. This way, you have an option to please everyone. There are almost limitless flavor and colour combinations and meat free options will keep vegetarians happy.

Party Pies
In Melbourne, there are few events where party pies and sausage rolls aren’t food favourites. A few trays of these will keep your guests satisfied before, between or after main meals and are a great snack in their own right. Harts has warmers available as part of our extensive and cheap Melbourne party hire range.

Avocado Bar
Healthy, delicious and, importantly for this dish, naturally bowl shaped, this avocado dish has a great surprise factor. You simply serve halved avocadoes alongside a range of filling options. Your guests can spoon whatever they desire into the avocado and eat their fill.

Build Your Own Hotdogs / Burgers
Similar to the avocado suggestions, this allows your guests to customise their meal. Serve the basic ingredients and offer a range of different fillings and condiments. Again, this will keep everyone happy and can be a fun activity. Harts also offers BBQ rental to go with our marquee hire, so you’ll only need the ingredients.

Few snacks say celebration or party like cupcakes and they are almost impossible for guests to resist. Use some themed, decorated or custom cupcake holders and serve them on platters or a tiered cake stand. You can find the serving options amongst our cheap party hire Melbourne range.

Tea & Coffee
Don’t forget to serve tea and coffee to reinvigorate your guests and as a nightcap. Cater to various tastes with a selection of black and herbal teas, regular and de-caf coffee. By providing a large hot water urn or two, you will allow people to help themselves, choose their favourite flavour and strengthen the brew to their taste. Harts stock a range of urns and percolators as part of our party hire service, so your guests will be as well hydrated as they are fed.

One of the great benefits of party marquee hire is that it allows you to customise your food and beverage options. Get as creative as you like, but throw in some old favourites to ensure you have very happy guests. Harts Party Hire have all the appliances and accessories you need to serve up a storm, so give us a call today or browse our product list here.


As much as we all love pools, they sometimes get in the way. You may have found the perfect property for your party, but the on-site pool might be taking up too much of your valuable space. This needn’t be an issue though, as Harts Party Hire in Melbourne offers a comprehensive pool cover service, allowing you to maximise the room available.

Safety is of paramount concern to us and our vastly experienced team ensures every single floor covering complies with all relevant Australian safety standards. We make certain that your cover is sturdy, safe and meets any council regulations.

All properties and pools are different, as are all parties. After more than two and a half decades in the industry, Harts Party Hire understands the vast range of events being planned and the need to adapt to the space available for each. We want to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, so we offer a free site inspection before we undertake your pool covering. This means that you get a well-planned, well-executed and efficient service on the day when time is of the essence.

Once your pool cover has been planned, you have complete freedom to organise the party you want and, as the cheap party hire in Melbourne specialists, Harts can help you get the most out of your new, enlarged space.

A pool cover offers a raised surface, ideal for those who want to incorporate a stage in their party plans. We can also fit a marquee over the cover, which you can then fill with tables, chairs and accessories from the Harts Party Hire furniture range. Our marquees are modular, allowing us to configure a customised marquee, ideal for whatever the dimensions of your pool cover may be. As the specialists in cheap marquee hire in Melbourne, we can accommodate layouts of any shape or size.

A pool cover and marquee combination is very flexible and there are many options you can employ for the resulting space. You may want to carpet the pool cover, offering your guests a raised and elegant space to dine or relax in. The space also makes an ideal dance floor. Your guests can show off their moves on the black or dark oak surface and you may want to shine the spotlight on them and further increase the fun with the extensive selection of party lights for hire at Harts. You may even want to split the area into multiple zones to include a bar and lounge alongside your dance floor.

A pool needn’t be an obstacle to your grand party plans. Get in touch with Harts Party Hire in Melbourne to discuss how to turn your pool into the ideal party space.


It may seem a long way off, but it pays to start organising your Spring Carnival as early as possible. Like racehorses on the Flemington track, the calendar months fly by and the racing season will be in full flight before you know it. If you have secured a car park site for any of the major days, let Harts Party Hire transform your space so you are the envy of your neighbours. We’re just one of three exclusive suppliers to this world-renowned racing carnnival and have been for the last five years.

Chairs are essential for a long day at the races. Harts Party Hire offer a range tailored to Spring Carnival that combine style, comfort and practicality. We have vinyl Ottomans and bar stools, simple black folding options, padded seats, café style chairs and more. Our chair hire in Melbourne range allows you choose an aesthetic that best suits the rest of your race day décor, leaving you free to kick back and enjoy your day.

Where there are chairs, there are usually tables and Harts also specialise in table hire for Melbourne race-goers. After all, it’s important to have somewhere to rest your drinks during Spring Carnival. We have a mixture of square, round and trestles tables to this end, with cloths to match. Select the combination you desire and help transform your space from a car park to a party environment.

Drink and food are a large part of every Spring Carnival and Harts Party Hire can also help on this front. We have champagne flutes, wine and beer glasses and high balls to add a touch of class to your day. We can also supply a BBQ with gas and large ice tubs, ideal for drink storage.

Race days at Flemington can be as hectic as they are fun, so it may be necessary to fence your area. You can go with traditional elegance with a white picket fence, or opt for the sleek and modern Merbau option. Both come in 1m or 2m lengths from Harts Party Hire.

Beating the heat can be a challenge during Spring Carnival. Suits will often get a little hot under the collar and wearing an elaborate fascinator is uncomfortable under the Melbourne sun. An umbrella or two in your car park site will keep you cool and energetic – not to mention dry if rain sets in. Our party furniture hire includes market umbrellas in cream or salt and pepper colours, ideal for your day out.

Whether you’re attending Oaks, Derby or Stakes Day, or the Melbourne Cup itself, let the Spring Carnival experts make your day the best it can be. The best party hire in Melbourne is also the best Spring Carnival hire in Melbourne and is all part of Harts Party Hire many services.


Australians don’t need much of an excuse to party. Any individual or group milestone or achievement is worthy of a day or night of fun. Melbourne is no exception, and the team at Harts Party Hire like nothing more than to make it happen. We are the experts at party hire in Melbourne, stocking everything you need to make your day as fun and easy as possible.

We know every party is different and cater accordingly. You may have an intimate guest list or one running many pages long. You may want a BBQ or a sit down meal. You may need to deliver speeches or prefer to have a capacity dance floor well into the evening. Whatever the style and size of your event, Harts deliver extremely comprehensive and cheap party hire to Melbourne.

We’ve all experienced the fickle Melbourne weather, liable to change at any moment. We may often get four seasons in one day, but there is no need to battle the elements with our party marquee hire. Harts Party Hire can quickly erect any size marquee, ranging from a 3m X 3m pagoda marquee to a huge 20m X 80m clearspan structure. Our marquees are modular and include a variety of dimensions, giving you a vast range of sizes and layouts. Visit our clearspan party marquee hire range here, select the best suited to your event and let us do the rest, allowing you to party come rain, hail or shine.

Nothing says party quite like a busy dance floor. If you want your guests to have the maximum amount of fun, organise music for the event (we can help with the audio) and take advantage of the premier dance floor hire in Melbourne. Our parquetry dance floor comes in .92m X .92m sections, allowing you to configure the final dimensions to your taste. Complement the dance floor with our selection of party lights for hire to ensure your guests enjoy themselves well into the night.

Not everyone can dance all day and night though, which is why Harts also offer an extensive party furniture hire service. You can make your seating and table arrangements as formal or as casual as you like. From Ottomans to wicker chairs, lounges to banquet chairs, you’re sure to find the style you want in our range.

The above is just the tip of the party hire iceberg. Harts has a myriad of products and accessories that all go towards making your party the best it can possibly be.


After 25 years helping create memorable events, Harts Party Hire are the experts in our field and know exactly what it takes to ensure your big day runs smoothly. If you are looking for marquee hire in Melbourne, Harts offer the most comprehensive service, including aspects you might not have considered.

There can be a lot of red tape when organising an event. Council permits may need to be obtained, OHS regulation must be adhered to and the use of pegs is not allowed in roughly half of the events held in marquees in Melbourne. Fortunately, Harts Party Hire will look after these details, leaving you free for more productive uses of your time.

Melbourne is a city famous for its festivals and events, but this industry is also highly regulated. This means that it’s necessary to obtain council approval, occupancy permits and building and safety certificates. Many businesses offering marquee hire in Melbourne simply provide the structure. Harts provide the structure and take care of the process. Having safely and successfully organised marquee events in Victoria for thousands of people, including many run by councils, we have established a close working relationship with the regulatory bodies and know exactly what is required to obtain necessary documents.

Some of these are needed before the event, but others must be obtained on-site. This is why Harts sends registered building practitioners to every marquee event site. They have the authority to inspect marquees in Melbourne and sign-off certificates. Harts also uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) when planning your marquee hire in Melbourne. These systems are endorsed by councils and not only ensure safe and efficient construction, but also facilitate and expedite the permit process.

The use of pegs, or lack thereof, can also derail marquee hire in Melbourne. Pegs are no longer allowed in approximately half the constructions of marquees in Melbourne. As such, concrete marquee weights and forklifts to move these into place may be required during set up. Harts Party Hire supplies all these vital components, ensuring there are no disastrous setbacks on the day.

Organising an event carries with it enough responsibilities without additional obstacles. After all our years in the industry and the resources at our disposal, what may seem an obstacle to other companies offering marquee hire in Melbourne, is a simple part of our process. Harts Party Hire is committed to making your event one to remember – for all the right reasons – so if you need marquee hire in Melbourne, there is nobody better or more experienced.

Blog 18

In an area of the world with the huge variety of weather exhibited by southern Victoria, offering your party some shelter can be absolutely paramount. It can shade your party from the intensity of the sun during our baking-hot summer months, and from the quick chill and rainfall of the winter months. They can save your party from a proper shellacking at the hands of the elements.

But not all marquee hires are the right fit. You need the right size for your party, for your applications, and for the venue. You need it to fit in to your spot, and most of all, it must be properly weighted.

Marquee weights must suit the area and the size of the marquee itself. Strong winds, especially in coastal areas, can easily provide lift to the underside of a marquee. Weights must match not only the size of the marquee, but also their placement and with weather considerations. That is why we offer marquee hire and weights up to 1200kg – to account for particularly wild weather, when it is best to take no chances.

As marquee hire experts, we at Hart’s Party Hire can ensure that your party is ready for any weather-related eventuality. In these latitudes, we must make sure that our party habits are well-protected, and we can make sure the elements won’t interrupt your special day.

For more information, contact us today!

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As surely as the days are getting shorter, the weather is going to become cooler in southern Victoria. The intense heat of the summertime here will shortly be giving way to the cold nights and cool days of the Melbourne winter, and suddenly, outdoor parties hold considerably less appeal. There is a shrinking window of time when an outdoor party can really take off – unless your inner circle are an outstandingly hardy bunch.
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Disco fever, bellbottom jeans, and Soul Train. Funky basslines, glamorous dance floors, and classic tunes.

The 70s were a stunning time for fashion and style. An era of economic uncertainty, the decade produced a stretch of music, and an image, that sought to fight back against the tide of relentless negativity emerging from poor growth rates and oil crises. It produced a time of unbridled glamour, made famous by the newly emerging club scene in New York, London, and Paris.
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Of all the reasons to celebrate, birthdays are one of the best. It’s a time when we show family members or friends what they mean to us and it also provides us with an opportunity to come together and have a great time. There are countless different ways of celebrating, but there is only one hard and fast rule – it must be fun! One of the best ways to ensure this is by hosting a marquee birthday. Harts Party Hire is the specialist for cheap marquee hire in Melbourne and has provided convenient and cost effective settings for thousands of birthday parties over the years. We’ll go over just a few of the many benefits of securing party marquee hire for your next birthday celebration.

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