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At long last, the spring season has begun to drive out the cold of the Victorian winter. It has been a long time coming, but the outdoor party season is once again upon us! That means that a range of outdoor jams are being planned, for a variety of purposes.

They are big, small, and can be centred around nearly anything. Some are simply for the sake of having a party! A party marquee hire has such a flexible purpose that they can be brought to bear for nearly anything. Here are some of our favourites reasons for get outside.


The perennial favourite. Spring is perhaps our favourite time for a wedding. The crisp air and long days offer a sense of rejuvenation and growth, a perfect environment to celebrate your wedding.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

This coming-of-age ceremony stands as a reason to celebrate for all members of the family. So why not perform it outside, under your own marquee, in the grandeur of nature?


Sometimes, all a party needs is music. But this powerful force is reason enough to celebrate. If you’ve got a fantastic DJ or a live band, some good speakers and a crowd that’s ready to dance, what else could you possibly need?

Engagement Parties

While they might not hold the same degree of importance as doing the deed itself, engagement parties lack the traditional element that weddings have. And consequently, they are considerably more fun! Bringing together a group of close friends to celebrate an engagement can result in some riotous fun, especially when music and a dance floor are combined.

What are your favourite reasons for an outdoor party marquee hire? Let us know!

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With the arrival of the spring weather to southern Victoria, couples are beginning to ramp up their efforts to organise and set up their weddings. It is a busy time, with plenty to think about. So it makes a great deal of sense to allow your friends at Harts Party Hire to handle your marquee needs.

With our wealth of experience, we come equipped and ready to set up your venue. Our marquees are clean, they look fantastic in any setting. And most importantly, they have the ability to save the day if one of southern Victoria’s infamous days of uncooperative weather decides to pay a visit.

Our teams can organise a marquee for any location around Melbourne, set up properly to withstand all possible weather conditions safely. We err on the conservative side with our setups, ensuring that no matter what stormy conditions come up, our marquees stay firmly affixed to the ground. We properly ventilate, to ensure cool shade on those hot afternoons. And we can do all of this in a smart and efficient manner, so you can stay focused on the more important elements of your big day.

There are many details to be taken care of for a wedding, but this one is decidedly ours. We are experts are what we do, and with the spring wedding season approaching, we are ready to provide our services to you.

For more information, contact Harts Party Hire today!

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The traditional father-daughter wedding dance has achieved some status lately. This is likely due to the advent of the viral video. Now, whenever a pair absolutely nails their wedding video, a camera is typically rolling. If it’s really good, it can go viral.

At Harts Party Hire, we like to think that we provide the means for such moments to take place. Our dance floor hires allow your party to groove in to the wee hours, and keeps attendees on their feet and enjoying themselves. We consider dance floors to be among the most vital of wedding accoutrements, to provide a venue for moments like these, our favourite father-daughter dance videos.

The Shuffle

It’s hard not to be impressed when such a degree of coordination and practice goes in to the dance. These two have obviously been hard at work at this shimmy. And you’ve got to hand it to Dad here – he’s no spring chicken, but he’s not slowing down with age.

The White Dude

You have to love the melba toast white-guy dancing here. It’s about as stylish as parachute pants, but does he care? Not a wee bit. Confidence is king out on the dance floor, and he is wearing it like a dirty shirt.

The Leather Soft-Shoe (Not advised)

While this wouldn’t have officially counted as a dance, it does drive home the point that having firm footing is somewhat important, as is choosing a ring-bearer with sure feet.

It is moments like these that make your big day properly unforgettable. If you’re in the market for an amazing father-daughter dance, you’ll need to get your hands on a dance floor. And that is our market. Contact us and we’ll get you started.


At one time, they were among the most recognisably standard pieces of equipment at any club, anywhere in the world. The reflective mirrors of the disco ball have shone above almost every throbbing dance floor, reflecting beams of light on to the floor and the walls surrounding it. One of the purest symbols of the 70s, they eventually made way for strobes and other more specialised forms of lighting.

Production, as you might expect, dropped a great deal as well. So many firms were disposing of their disco balls, there was no need for the creation of new ones: if you wanted one, you could likely find one on a street corner when a disco was being renovated. Production dropped to a trickle, and then completely, by the mid-80s. But not everywhere. In one lonely corner of a workshop in Kentucky, these icons of an era are still being created, the very last creator of its kind in the country that gave the world disco.

Production here still takes the form that it did over forty years ago: these disco balls are put together by hand, and polished well, to encourage greater reflections from the lighting arrangements. Music still urges the employees onwards. Things have changed very little here.

And perhaps, the door never truly closed on this era. Disco ball hires in Melbourne have taken off in popularity, as people look to shake up the routine of their current parties, and relive the fun of the 1970s. Vintage parties, often accompanied by vintage dress and the still-lively tunes from that era, have become a common sight.

If you’re in the market for a disco ball hire in Melbourne to shake up your party, Harts Party Hire is ready to help you. Contact us today!

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The importance of your marquee cannot be overstated in wintertime Victoria. The weather is not conducive to outdoor activity, and as such, your attendees can suffer from the elements. And inclement weather can arrive at any time.

Marquees are susceptible to the forces of nature for two reasons: they present a large surface area for the wind to push against, and they are light. When setting up a marquee, particularly in areas where wind speeds are known to be high, we must follow a very conservative framework to ensure that the structure cannot move.

Fixed down with pegs, a marquee should stay affixed to the ground firmly. Stakes are dug deeply in to the earth, and are the go-to method, unless we are forestalled by impermeable surfaces or a request by the landowner. If we are utilising weights, we go from a chart of weight sizes needed to keep a marquee firmly on the ground – and at Harts Party Hire, we always weight conservatively.

Here is an example of what can happen should a marquee be affixed with weights incapable of holding down structure. In this example, the marquee was fixed down with weights due to its placement on the running track. The placement of the marquee is also key here: located at the end of a sports field, the prevailing wind has the entire length of the pitch to build up before striking the marquee. Clearly, someone should have compensated for this threat. The results could have been considerably worse, were the marquee occupied at the time.

For all your marquee hire needs in Melbourne and the surround area, contact Harts Party Hire today!


A gazebo is among the more stylish additions to your party. These small, gable-roofed and open-walled structures offer a chic method of shelter from any form of weather or bright sun, or simply as a spot to hang out and gather.

But their possibilities go further than that. These versatile rentals can be put to use for almost anything you can think of, and these are some of our favourite applications.

Grand Stand
The platform of your gazebo makes it come together as an ideal outdoor venue for your music arrangement. Whether this is a compact three-piece live band, or a DJ lighting up the crowd, you can house them, and their equipment, in here, protected from the sun and rain, and sounding great.

Dance Studio
This is one of our favourites. Turn your outdoor gazebo in to a private dance studio, with open sides, to house those at your party who just need to move. With a good floor and some music nearby, you can put together a private dance floor, for private moments, or just for fun.

Island Bar
Putting together your gazebo for a standalone bar, perhaps in a courtyard away from the noise, is a great method of ensuring your party still has that level of privacy that some partygoers might need to recharge their batteries. And why not do so with a cocktail?

Escape Pod
At larger weddings, it can be difficult to find a moment alone. When you need some time to gather your thoughts, or have a private conversation, an outdoor gazebo away from the bustle can offer a place of refuge for your attendees, offering them a break from the noise and the hustle.

When your party needs that extra little something to kick it in to the next gear, Harts Party Hire will be ready to take it there, and a gazebo hire can ensure your Melbourne party will be one to remember!


As the cooler weather approaches us in southern Victoria, life doesn’t grind to a halt. We are a hardy bunch: it takes more than a chill and some precipitation to keep us cooped up indoors. Some have even taken this weather and made it their desired time of year for outdoor events. The winter wedding has gained momentum in Melbourne in recent years.

There are some good reasons for having your wedding in the off-season. Venues aren’t as highly coveted, so you can book them for less. Adjudicators and planners are under fewer time constraints, so you don’t have to work around their schedules.

The cooler weather also brings with it its own style. You can gear your bridesmaids dresses to the chill in creative ways. You can hold your ceremony and reception in the full blast of the sun, a luxury that is not a common one for a summer time ceremony.

With all that said, the off-season requires some adjustments. The winter time in Melbourne does bring with it some unpredictability in weather patterns. Losing the sun, even for only an hour, can drop the temperature considerably. And rain, sweeping in from Bass Strait, is common.

So it is the wise planner to keeps their wedding well-stocked for such eventualities. Luckily, there is Harts Party Hire. We hire a wide range of marquees for Melbourne weddings, to ensure that your wedding party has a place of refuge. We can provide indoor and outdoor setups, which will keep your party going no matter what is thrown at you. And we can provide some of the finest party lights in town, for those early evenings.

For all of your marquee hire needs, we have Melbourne covered. Contact us today!

Harts - Infographic - 5 Great Party Light Hire Tips(26-05-2016)

Be it a corporate party or a casual backyard party, the right lighting can change the mood of an entire event. However, there are some points you need to keep in mind when you hire party lights. Here are 5 tips to help you brighten up your party.

    1. Keep the party theme in mind

Do keep the theme of your party in mind when deciding on the party lights. If it’s a quiet dinner party you might want to go for muted lights; if it’s going to be a dance all night party, you would want to look at brighter, more colorful options.

    2. The more the options, the better

When choosing a light hire company, look for the ones that offer a wide variety of lighting options to choose from. Technology enables us to create some amazing special effects with innovative features.

    3. Take the expert’s advice

If the light hire company offers consultation services, make the most of it. The consultants usually come with a lot of experience and can suggest a few creative lighting ideas that you may not have thought of.

    4. Not too bright, yet not too dull

Understand the different kinds of lights available and the effect that each one of them creates. You don’t want to end up with harsh lights that hurt your guests’ eyes, or something so dull that people end up bumping into each other or missing details!

    5. Go for options that fit your budget

No doubt, there are numerous amazing light options available today. You may be tempted to use several of them to create that “wow” effect, but while you finalise the arrangements ensure that they are in sync with your budget.


In our last blog, we went through some important details that you should be aware of when seeking marquee hire in Melbourne. There is a fair bit to discuss, so we’ll continue the theme in this blog. By providing Harts Party Hire with a few important pieces of information, you help us to help you stage the best event possible. In addition to knowing the number of attendees, the date you want and your budget, you should also consider the following.

Knowing that you want cheap marquee hire in Melbourne, how many guests will be in attendance and booking with plenty of time to spare is a great start, but you might also want to think about what will be needed inside your party marquee. Your guests will likely need chairs and tables to sit at, plates, cutlery and glassware for food and beverages and you might even want to add a dance floor to liven things up. Harts is also the specialists in party furniture hire and dance floor hire in Melbourne and are more than happy to help advise you on what will work best for your event. If you give us an idea of what you need, together we can work through the details and you’ll have a complete party hire package.

Location requirements
While marquee hire provides a venue in itself, there is still a responsibility for event organisers to have an understanding of the rules and regulations that relate to the land used for the marquee. These, of course, vary from property to property, but there are some common council requirements that must be met and permits that must be obtained. After more than a quarter of a century in the industry, Harts Party Hire in Melbourne has dealt extensively with the council and can secure all the necessary permits for your event. There may also be conditions set by the owner or governing body of a property that are unique to that location. These may include noise limitations, operating hours and site set-up and removal restrictions. Be sure that, in order to avoid obstacles and disappointment at a later date, you check these aspects before you decide on a location.

As in every industry, there are some cowboys involved in the party marquee hire business. Aside from supplying overpriced equipment that may be of questionable quality, some of the more reckless rental suppliers may also be uninsured. As the event organiser, this puts you at risk of being held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur and the possibility of a large bill. It is important to check that your supplier is fully insured, including public liability insurance, to ensure you have a risk-free and stress-free event. Harts Party Hire in Melbourne has you covered in this way too. We strive to offer all our clients the most convenient and comprehensive party marquee hire, and full insurance is part of this service.


A little knowledge can go a long way and this is certainly true for those looking for high quality but cheap marquee hire in Melbourne. Harts Party Hire specialise in helping people organise fantastic events, but we also understand that every event is different. We can arrange almost everything you need to make your day go off without a hitch, but everyone benefits if you provide us with a few details first. With this in mind, we will take you through some of the things you might want to consider before you finalise your party marquee hire.

Knowing approximately how many guests will be attending your event is one of the most important considerations when you organise marquee hire in Melbourne. You don’t want your guests to be crammed in like sardines, nor do you want your marquee to resemble a ghost town. Of course, variations on numbers are likely to occur between the planning stages and the event itself, but having a rough idea allows the team at Harts Party Hire to advise you on the ideal marquee hire size.

Plan ahead
A large part of being organised is planning ahead and looking for cheap party marquee hire is no exception. Melbourne is the cultural and events capital of Australia and marquee hire is often in high demand. This is particularly true on weekends, public holidays and in the summer season. Harts Party Hire certainly recommends booking ahead to ensure you secure the perfect marquee hire. Being organised also gives you peace of mind and plenty of time to organise all the other aspects of your event.

When you contact a Melbourne marquee hire provider it is important to have some idea of the budget for your event. This will allow you to focus and prioritise on the most essential items of party hire and add extras where possible. Finding the middle ground between expensive and inadequate is the key here and knowing what your total budget is for party hire will help you achieve this. Fortunately, Harts is renowned for our cheap marquee hire in Melbourne, so you can get high quality marquees, furniture, equipment and accessories, all at an extremely reasonable price.

Harts Party Hire has a few more suggestions on this topic that we will explore in the next blog. In the meantime, browse our product listings here to get some inspiration and an idea of how much your event might cost.