The traditional father-daughter wedding dance has achieved some status lately. This is likely due to the advent of the viral video. Now, whenever a pair absolutely nails their wedding video, a camera is typically rolling. If it’s really good, it can go viral.

At Harts Party Hire, we like to think that we provide the means for such moments to take place. Our dance floor hires allow your party to groove in to the wee hours, and keeps attendees on their feet and enjoying themselves. We consider dance floors to be among the most vital of wedding accoutrements, to provide a venue for moments like these, our favourite father-daughter dance videos.

The Shuffle

It’s hard not to be impressed when such a degree of coordination and practice goes in to the dance. These two have obviously been hard at work at this shimmy. And you’ve got to hand it to Dad here – he’s no spring chicken, but he’s not slowing down with age.

The White Dude

You have to love the melba toast white-guy dancing here. It’s about as stylish as parachute pants, but does he care? Not a wee bit. Confidence is king out on the dance floor, and he is wearing it like a dirty shirt.

The Leather Soft-Shoe (Not advised)

While this wouldn’t have officially counted as a dance, it does drive home the point that having firm footing is somewhat important, as is choosing a ring-bearer with sure feet.

It is moments like these that make your big day properly unforgettable. If you’re in the market for an amazing father-daughter dance, you’ll need to get your hands on a dance floor. And that is our market. Contact us and we’ll get you started.