With the arrival of the spring weather to southern Victoria, couples are beginning to ramp up their efforts to organise and set up their weddings. It is a busy time, with plenty to think about. So it makes a great deal of sense to allow your friends at Harts Party Hire to handle your marquee needs.

With our wealth of experience, we come equipped and ready to set up your venue. Our marquees are clean, they look fantastic in any setting. And most importantly, they have the ability to save the day if one of southern Victoria’s infamous days of uncooperative weather decides to pay a visit.

Our teams can organise a marquee for any location around Melbourne, set up properly to withstand all possible weather conditions safely. We err on the conservative side with our setups, ensuring that no matter what stormy conditions come up, our marquees stay firmly affixed to the ground. We properly ventilate, to ensure cool shade on those hot afternoons. And we can do all of this in a smart and efficient manner, so you can stay focused on the more important elements of your big day.

There are many details to be taken care of for a wedding, but this one is decidedly ours. We are experts are what we do, and with the spring wedding season approaching, we are ready to provide our services to you.

For more information, contact Harts Party Hire today!