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Inflatable Hire Melbourne

Inflatable Marquee Hire Melbourne: Igloos, Cones And Spheres

Inflatable Igloos, Cones and Spheres from Harts Party Hire!

The perfect way to make your Event unique! Stand out from the crowd with one of Hart’s exclusive inflatable products.

At Hart’s Party Hire, we know how important it is to give your event something special. Something that sets it apart from the rest, and gives it an exclusive and entertaining vibe.

That is why we offer our exclusive inflatable products to our clients here in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Inflatable marquee hire for your party offers an entertaining and enjoyable sensation. These inflatable marquee hires can be employed as a shelter for your bar, for a product display, and for anything in between.

They provide a stylish refuge from the elements and separate an area for any purpose you might require. And best of all, they are quiet: there is no need for special fans or pumps to keep them inflated.

Contact us at Hart’s Party Hire for the finest Inflatable Marquee Hire around!

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The perfect way to make your event unique!

Stand out from the crowd with one of HARTS EXCLUSIVE inflatable products.

Inflatable Igloo / Dome Hire

Inflatable Igloo / Dome Hire

These fantastic new domes define your event space. Use them to shelter your bar area or to theme a venue! Each half dome measures 6.6m wide by 3.5m deep by 4.2m high, or combine them to create a huge domed area. Use lighting to create different effects in different domes! It can even be used as a stage backdrop.

No Fans! No Noise!

Inflatable Cones & Spheres Hire

Inflatable Cones & Spheres

Inflatable lights like these add a fantastic flare to an event. Only two are required to light up a small marquee and completely wash away the white into reds, blues and purples! Use them in hallways or along driveways to light the way to your next event! These are a fantastic event décor solution.

Ideal Exhibition Solution!

Inflatable In Exhibition

Inflatables are a fantastic way to draw attention to your stand. At 4m high, the igloo really stands out and highlights you as a top destination. Check out more photos at the bottom of the page.

At Hart’s, we operate the finest inflatable equipment party hire in Melbourne. Contact us today for a successful and stress-free event!

Check out our inflatable products in the videos below!

Inflatables on hire at a FANTASTIC Bar Mitzvah!

Product Demo:

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