The importance of your marquee cannot be overstated in wintertime Victoria. The weather is not conducive to outdoor activity, and as such, your attendees can suffer from the elements. And inclement weather can arrive at any time.

Marquees are susceptible to the forces of nature for two reasons: they present a large surface area for the wind to push against, and they are light. When setting up a marquee, particularly in areas where wind speeds are known to be high, we must follow a very conservative framework to ensure that the structure cannot move.

Fixed down with pegs, a marquee should stay affixed to the ground firmly. Stakes are dug deeply in to the earth, and are the go-to method, unless we are forestalled by impermeable surfaces or a request by the landowner. If we are utilising weights, we go from a chart of weight sizes needed to keep a marquee firmly on the ground – and at Harts Party Hire, we always weight conservatively.

Here is an example of what can happen should a marquee be affixed with weights incapable of holding down structure. In this example, the marquee was fixed down with weights due to its placement on the running track. The placement of the marquee is also key here: located at the end of a sports field, the prevailing wind has the entire length of the pitch to build up before striking the marquee. Clearly, someone should have compensated for this threat. The results could have been considerably worse, were the marquee occupied at the time.

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