As the cooler weather approaches us in southern Victoria, life doesn’t grind to a halt. We are a hardy bunch: it takes more than a chill and some precipitation to keep us cooped up indoors. Some have even taken this weather and made it their desired time of year for outdoor events. The winter wedding has gained momentum in Melbourne in recent years.

There are some good reasons for having your wedding in the off-season. Venues aren’t as highly coveted, so you can book them for less. Adjudicators and planners are under fewer time constraints, so you don’t have to work around their schedules.

The cooler weather also brings with it its own style. You can gear your bridesmaids dresses to the chill in creative ways. You can hold your ceremony and reception in the full blast of the sun, a luxury that is not a common one for a summer time ceremony.

With all that said, the off-season requires some adjustments. The winter time in Melbourne does bring with it some unpredictability in weather patterns. Losing the sun, even for only an hour, can drop the temperature considerably. And rain, sweeping in from Bass Strait, is common.

So it is the wise planner to keeps their wedding well-stocked for such eventualities. Luckily, there is Harts Party Hire. We hire a wide range of marquees for Melbourne weddings, to ensure that your wedding party has a place of refuge. We can provide indoor and outdoor setups, which will keep your party going no matter what is thrown at you. And we can provide some of the finest party lights in town, for those early evenings.

For all of your marquee hire needs, we have Melbourne covered. Contact us today!