At one time, they were among the most recognisably standard pieces of equipment at any club, anywhere in the world. The reflective mirrors of the disco ball have shone above almost every throbbing dance floor, reflecting beams of light on to the floor and the walls surrounding it. One of the purest symbols of the 70s, they eventually made way for strobes and other more specialised forms of lighting.

Production, as you might expect, dropped a great deal as well. So many firms were disposing of their disco balls, there was no need for the creation of new ones: if you wanted one, you could likely find one on a street corner when a disco was being renovated. Production dropped to a trickle, and then completely, by the mid-80s. But not everywhere. In one lonely corner of a workshop in Kentucky, these icons of an era are still being created, the very last creator of its kind in the country that gave the world disco.

Production here still takes the form that it did over forty years ago: these disco balls are put together by hand, and polished well, to encourage greater reflections from the lighting arrangements. Music still urges the employees onwards. Things have changed very little here.

And perhaps, the door never truly closed on this era. Disco ball hires in Melbourne have taken off in popularity, as people look to shake up the routine of their current parties, and relive the fun of the 1970s. Vintage parties, often accompanied by vintage dress and the still-lively tunes from that era, have become a common sight.

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