A gazebo is among the more stylish additions to your party. These small, gable-roofed and open-walled structures offer a chic method of shelter from any form of weather or bright sun, or simply as a spot to hang out and gather.

But their possibilities go further than that. These versatile rentals can be put to use for almost anything you can think of, and these are some of our favourite applications.

Grand Stand
The platform of your gazebo makes it come together as an ideal outdoor venue for your music arrangement. Whether this is a compact three-piece live band, or a DJ lighting up the crowd, you can house them, and their equipment, in here, protected from the sun and rain, and sounding great.

Dance Studio
This is one of our favourites. Turn your outdoor gazebo in to a private dance studio, with open sides, to house those at your party who just need to move. With a good floor and some music nearby, you can put together a private dance floor, for private moments, or just for fun.

Island Bar
Putting together your gazebo for a standalone bar, perhaps in a courtyard away from the noise, is a great method of ensuring your party still has that level of privacy that some partygoers might need to recharge their batteries. And why not do so with a cocktail?

Escape Pod
At larger weddings, it can be difficult to find a moment alone. When you need some time to gather your thoughts, or have a private conversation, an outdoor gazebo away from the bustle can offer a place of refuge for your attendees, offering them a break from the noise and the hustle.

When your party needs that extra little something to kick it in to the next gear, Harts Party Hire will be ready to take it there, and a gazebo hire can ensure your Melbourne party will be one to remember!