A little knowledge can go a long way and this is certainly true for those looking for high quality but cheap marquee hire in Melbourne. Harts Party Hire specialise in helping people organise fantastic events, but we also understand that every event is different. We can arrange almost everything you need to make your day go off without a hitch, but everyone benefits if you provide us with a few details first. With this in mind, we will take you through some of the things you might want to consider before you finalise your party marquee hire.

Knowing approximately how many guests will be attending your event is one of the most important considerations when you organise marquee hire in Melbourne. You don’t want your guests to be crammed in like sardines, nor do you want your marquee to resemble a ghost town. Of course, variations on numbers are likely to occur between the planning stages and the event itself, but having a rough idea allows the team at Harts Party Hire to advise you on the ideal marquee hire size.

Plan ahead
A large part of being organised is planning ahead and looking for cheap party marquee hire is no exception. Melbourne is the cultural and events capital of Australia and marquee hire is often in high demand. This is particularly true on weekends, public holidays and in the summer season. Harts Party Hire certainly recommends booking ahead to ensure you secure the perfect marquee hire. Being organised also gives you peace of mind and plenty of time to organise all the other aspects of your event.

When you contact a Melbourne marquee hire provider it is important to have some idea of the budget for your event. This will allow you to focus and prioritise on the most essential items of party hire and add extras where possible. Finding the middle ground between expensive and inadequate is the key here and knowing what your total budget is for party hire will help you achieve this. Fortunately, Harts is renowned for our cheap marquee hire in Melbourne, so you can get high quality marquees, furniture, equipment and accessories, all at an extremely reasonable price.

Harts Party Hire has a few more suggestions on this topic that we will explore in the next blog. In the meantime, browse our product listings here to get some inspiration and an idea of how much your event might cost.