In our last blog, we went through some important details that you should be aware of when seeking marquee hire in Melbourne. There is a fair bit to discuss, so we’ll continue the theme in this blog. By providing Harts Party Hire with a few important pieces of information, you help us to help you stage the best event possible. In addition to knowing the number of attendees, the date you want and your budget, you should also consider the following.

Knowing that you want cheap marquee hire in Melbourne, how many guests will be in attendance and booking with plenty of time to spare is a great start, but you might also want to think about what will be needed inside your party marquee. Your guests will likely need chairs and tables to sit at, plates, cutlery and glassware for food and beverages and you might even want to add a dance floor to liven things up. Harts is also the specialists in party furniture hire and dance floor hire in Melbourne and are more than happy to help advise you on what will work best for your event. If you give us an idea of what you need, together we can work through the details and you’ll have a complete party hire package.

Location requirements
While marquee hire provides a venue in itself, there is still a responsibility for event organisers to have an understanding of the rules and regulations that relate to the land used for the marquee. These, of course, vary from property to property, but there are some common council requirements that must be met and permits that must be obtained. After more than a quarter of a century in the industry, Harts Party Hire in Melbourne has dealt extensively with the council and can secure all the necessary permits for your event. There may also be conditions set by the owner or governing body of a property that are unique to that location. These may include noise limitations, operating hours and site set-up and removal restrictions. Be sure that, in order to avoid obstacles and disappointment at a later date, you check these aspects before you decide on a location.

As in every industry, there are some cowboys involved in the party marquee hire business. Aside from supplying overpriced equipment that may be of questionable quality, some of the more reckless rental suppliers may also be uninsured. As the event organiser, this puts you at risk of being held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur and the possibility of a large bill. It is important to check that your supplier is fully insured, including public liability insurance, to ensure you have a risk-free and stress-free event. Harts Party Hire in Melbourne has you covered in this way too. We strive to offer all our clients the most convenient and comprehensive party marquee hire, and full insurance is part of this service.